About Steve Pearce Quality Books

Steve Pearce Quality Books is a mobile bookshop with purpose.

I come to you, travelling South East Queensland and Northern NSW in my “bookshop on wheels”.

I will show you the latest and best of book publishing at your workplace, because I know you’re busy.

Choose from the large selection of sample books covering Contemporary International and Australian Art, Design, Fashion, Art Movements, Art Technique, Sculpture, Web Design, Photographic Techniques, Graffiti, Ceramics, Video Art, Painting, Collage, Drawing, Art Theory, Multi Media, Architecture and much more.

I am a specialist in supplying Secondary School Art Departments with teacher reference books that inspire; Public Libraries with beautiful and highly sought after non fiction titles; and Architects with books that inform.

If it is in print, I can get it.

I also love finding out of print and hard to find books, I never give in.

Your order will be sent to you fast with a 30 day invoice.

So relax and let me help you keep up to date with what’s happening locally and internationally bookwise.

Now you can also view and order a selection of the latest beautiful art books online at www.artshedbrisbane.com.au

  1. Julia (Andies step daughter)’s avatar

    Steve its Julia here I am currently looking at your website and think that a few things on it are so funny such as:
    1.Things u like,cheese (I like cheese to.)
    2.The photo of you and your steve shirt (thats realy cool!)
    All together great wesite.
    see you next time :)
    form Julia

  2. isolde, jose and margo’s avatar

    Hi Steve,
    Your website rocks!
    We need you to come to Canberra to teach us how to work the coffee machine
    Whats up
    from the Canberra crew( isolde,jose,margo)

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