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Books: Art, Craft & Community

  • Fun and visually appealing way to understand how a book is made, through the work of 30 diverse contemporary makers and artists
  • Broad appeal: this book speaks to a broad audience of craftspeople – anyone related to books and bookmaking – whether they are amateurs or professionals
  • Beautifully illustrated with colorful and inspiring images, behind-the-scenes shots of the makers’ studios, and photographs of the makers at work
  • Includes contributions from experts that give insight into the different processes used to make a book

Books are a meeting place. A sum of their many parts and artistic approaches. Form, concept, material, and craft are bound together to create something rooted in its functionality; a process that often crosses over into the messier realm of art. Books. Art, Craft & Community presents a thriving ecosystem of papermakers, printers, bookbinders, artists, designers, and publishers from around the world. They draw on traditional skills, art, and experimentation to make books that matter today. With over 30 profiles – spanning traditional craftspeople, to modern makers reimagining the book for new audiences – and contributions from experts, we are given an insight into the history and contemporary context of the processes behind the books. Selected by Simon Goode and Ira Yonemura of the London Centre for Book Arts, these artists and makers share a spirit of curiosity and resilience. They not only adapt to new ways that readers engage with books, but are forging new possibilities for their craft along the way.

Hardcover 224 pages

26.5 x 21.5 cm

ISBN ‎ 9789493039520

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